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Loft Conversions in London

Looking to extend your living space? No room for an extension? Then consider moving upwards; a loft conversion will give you another floor to your property, and that much-needed extra space. Looking for the right professionals to handle this for you? Our company offers a complete package to ensure your conversion meets all your expectations.

The technical details to implement your ideas should not be underestimated, and you can trust our savvy experts who will help you make the correct decisions, we are with you all the way through the process, from obtaining the necessary documentation to design and implementation. Every detail is carefully checked, upgrading options discussed to make the most of the construction space available. All our work is undertaken by trained professionals who use quality materials following a strict schedule.

Personal preferences and the inclusion of modern/ecological materials are employed per customers' wishes.
As the cost of moving homes soars, many people are looking to loft conversions to create extra living space, maybe an extra bedroom or study? Converting the attic area can add a significant amount of floor space and our professionally designed and built loft conversions can substantially increase your property's value. We offer construction of a variety of lofts designed to suit your architecture and space. Not only that but we also offer 'Perfect Finish' a full internal refurbishment, which means when we complete a job all you need to do is walk into it.

Is your loft suitable to be converted?

When considering a loft conversion, you need to think about the type of the roof structure, the pitch angle and the available head height. It is important there is enough space to allow for an adequate-sized room and space for stairs, a safe exit and entrance.

Low Ceilings

If it is a low ceiling, less than 2.2 m height, then you should consider two solutions. Both can be expensive, so it's important to research the work before undertaking on your project. Raise the Roof: This would involve either removing some or all the roof; this can be an expensive activity and would require planning permission as well as covered scaffolding to protect from the weather.

Lower the Ceiling Below: If you have rooms below the loft that have 3 m or more of ceiling height then lowering the height of these rooms can be an option. To do this would require all the existing ceilings to be removed and a new plate bolting to the wall for the new floor to hang from. Also, a tie would need to be created between the roof structure and the dwarf wall, to prevent roof dispersion.

Is it a good idea to convert your loft during winter?

British weather is often fickle and unpredictable, but as an experienced firm, we can offer reassurances that our winter loft conversions are constructed efficiently and professionally. The waiting time is significantly reduced with a winter conversion as fewer people consider this time for starting construction.
loft during winter