Why Us?

Our Experience:

Being a construction company for more than 40 years, ParadiseHome has gained invaluable knowledge and expertise out of the hundreds of successfully completed projects; including apartment buildings, family houses, Government Institutions, loft conversions, house extensions and full internal refurbishments.

All this history, experience and knowledge making us what we are today: A Trustful, Well Educated, Experienced Family Company.


Extending your home takes more than time, it takes teamwork, and that just wouldn’t be possible without you on board. Being part of the team, encourages trust, respect and the realisation that your dream home is achievable.

As a family firm, we welcome and encourage customers to be part of the process of constructing their hopes and dreams into reality, to become one of the family.

Quality Control & Project Management:

Be part of the experience –







All points would need

Your attention

Our experience

Trust & Understanding


Timing & Deadlines:

Over time we’ve proven that having control over all processes from the demolition work to the final cleaning services, allows us to control the timings which have led us to reduce the deadlines. Giving us the chance to make our customers smile with happiness. Staying up to date with the new technologies, innovations, materials and solutions on the market, means more efficient use of time and the ability to get the projects to a successful end long before the deadlines are reached.


We all live in the same economic climate aware of all the difficulties and challenges that life can surprise us with. As we know, everything comes with a cost attached. However, we also know that everything has a solution, working together we can identify a solution that fits our client's needs and budget.

Project Management from Start to Finish:

We undertake all the work, our Step by Step plans are easy to follow and implement, keeping you in the loop at all times. We offer a complete package of services, giving you the confidence of knowing the finished project will be finished completely no ‘little jobs’ needing to be done – you will be able just to walk in.


Our primary target is to fulfil your view of a paradise home! We listen, we advise, and we work with you and your ideas to build your home, becoming in the process a part of each other’s family.

Team members:

Operating for over 40 years, ParadiseHome is a family brand in the strongest sense of the term. We raised our children to be part of the company. Playing all together in their childhood, building strong friendship and trust. Those kids are now grown and stand beside each other day after day, delivering the craftsmanship and expertise they’ve acquired during the years being part of our Family Company. Continuing to train and develop new talent in our ever-growing family remains a steadfast company goal.